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July 25, 2007
The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund (DCCPF) has obtained a grant of $36,000 from the Iowa State Historical Society Historic Resource Development Grant Program (HRDP).  The County Board of Supervisors will provide $15,000 in cash and DCCPF will provide a $3,000 in-kind donation, which includes up to 387 hours of volunteer work at minimum wage.  The total value of the project is $54,000.

To aid the application process, the State Historical Society (SHI) authorized Preservation Architect Doug Steinmetz, a member of the SHI’s Technical Advisory Network (TAN), to make a 24 hour site visit and condition report on the courthouse.  The State Historical Society shared expenses with DCCPF for Mr. Steinmetz’ visit. Contact us for a copy of the report.

When they were contacted about the visit, the Supervisors expressed an immediate need to find and fix the source of persistent water damage to the rooms on the second floor, including the courtroom ceiling.  In addition, the east entrance steps are so badly deteriorated, they present a safety hazard.

Mr Steinmetz made the site visit on Monday, April 30, then stayed to share his thoughts with the DCCPF Board that evening.  He then worked closely with Boatman, Steve Tews and Lana Doll to complete the grant application and submit it before the May 15 deadline.  It was truly a great team effort!

The grant award is for the full amount requested, and includes fees for Mr. Steinmetz’ services as a preservation architect.  The completed project will fulfill the DCCPF mission to have repairs made in a manner consistent with historic preservation of the courthouse building.

DCCPF will now proceed to implement the grant in step with the Board of Supervisors, to successfully complete the project before the deadline of October, 2009.

The required in-kind donation includes complete documentation of the project, including photos, identification and cataloging of artifacts, and creating a historical time line, or chronological history of past work preformed on the building.

Boatman said “I’m sure our commitment to roll up our sleeves and pitch in helped us get the award.  Now we are asking any and all who support historic preservation of the courthouse to volunteer 2 hours’ work toward our commitment of up to 387 hours.  We need people willing to take photographs, look through files, and enter information into a computer.”

To volunteer, please contact us for more details.

Members of the Board of the DCCPF receive HRDP-REAP Grant
Members of the Board of the Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund pose with County Supervisor Dale Taylor after receiving word that the Fund has been awarded an HRDP-REAP Grant for work on the Davis County Courthouse.  Taylor is holding a metal sign to be posted on the site.  Left to right:  Deb Baughman, Gail Van Mersbergen, Lana Doll, Supervisor Dale Taylor, Linda Boatman, Betty Spilman, and Leon Wilkinson.  Not present: Richard Wagler, Steve Tews, and Larry Bollman.