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DCCPF Reports Progress on Courthouse Projects at Annual Meeting

October 31, 2008
Integrity of the courthouse building envelope was the focus of the Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund’s annual meeting on September 29 at the Bloomfield Main Street office.  Both the integrity of the building envelope and the clock tower structure were discussed as the Board of Directors heard progress reports for 2008 and set program goals for 2009.

Tom Prosapio, owner’s representative and construction manager for the County Board of Supervisors, summarized the work performed on the east entrance stairway and clock tower to complete the State Historical Society Historic Resource Development Grant awarded in July of 2007. 

The east stairway and stoop were replaced and handrails restored.  Internal drains in the bell tower were replaced and roof leaks repaired. 

Before work on the clock tower began, it was discovered that timbers in the southeast corner of the tower have deteriorated the point that they must be fixed.  Grant funds were redirected with State approval to pay for a structural engineering report by Elaine McClusky who recommended:

The County Supervisors requested the Board to locate funding to replace or restore the east and west entrance doors (including wood trim) and replace the west entrance stoop.  The doors provide a highly visible project that will save heating and cooling costs as well as appealing to county residents and tourists alike. Tom Prosapio has requested quotes for replacing the doors as an alternate to restoration (restoration could cost as much as $15,000 per entrance).

The DCCPF Board voted to seek grant funds in 2009 for entrance doors, west entrance stoop and clock tower structural projects contingent on matching cash provided by the Board of Supervisors.

In other actions, Linda Boatman, Gail Van Mersbergen, and Richard Wagler were re-elected to three-year terms.