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Donations for Storm Damage

Storm Damage 2009   Storm Damage 2009   Storm Damage 2009   Storm Damage 2009
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June 13, 2009
The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund is asking for donations for the repair of storm damage caused by the June 7 hailstorm.

Nearly all of the windows on the west side of the courthouse were broken by hailstones ranging from pea to baseball-sized, driven by strong horizontal winds. The storm also caused damage to the pressed tin façade of the clock tower, including the clock faces, and damage to the Statue of Justitia, the Roman Goddess of Justice, atop the courthouse.

The Fund plans to apply for emergency grant money from the State Historical Society. The maximum grant amount is $15,000, and the deadline for the application is July 1.

Extra funds are needed because the Board of Supervisors is currently providing money for the door restoration project, funded by a grant from the Davis County Community Foundation, and the clock tower structure repair, funded by a Main Street Challenge Grant. Using donations as matching money for grant applications is a way to double or even triple the impact of donated dollars.

Donate Online Mail-in Donation

Anyone who wishes to donate on line can go to the DCCPF website and click on the "donate" button.   Please click on "add instructions to seller", and type "storm damage" into the window during the payment process.

The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund is a 501(c)3 organization legally recognized by the IRS, and will be happy to provide necessary information to anyone who wishes to qualify for matching funds from their company. Please contact Linda Boatman at 312-848-4662, or desdir@aol.com, for further information and to answer any questions.