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Certified Local Government

February 18, 2010, revised February 22, 2010
The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund is working with the Board of Supervisors to reactivate the Davis County Historic Preservation Commission, which in addition to jurisdiction over the courthouse has jurisdiction over all 40 identified sites of historical interest in the county. The commission was established by resolution in 1990 when the county became a Certified Local Government.

The National Park Service and the State Historic Preservation Office set up the Certified Local Government Program to demonstrate ongoing local support for historic preservation of all historically significant properties and archaeological sites in a city or county.

The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund has obtained matching funds and applied for a $70,000 grant for a Historic Structure Report for the courthouse, Davis County’s most outstanding landmark. The Report will substantially enhance the Fund’s ability to raise the money required to restore the Courthouse through private, state and federal grant sources.

It will certainly help the Fund’s mission of historic preservation of the Courthouse if the Supervisors reactivate the Davis County Historic Preservation Commission. Approval of courthouse project work from the State Historic Preservation Office will continue to be the most important factor in obtaining grants at any level, public or private.

However, that's not the most important goal the citizens of Davis County will accomplish by reactivating the commission. It will not matter what resolutions or accomplishments are achieved by a governing body unless the effort is recognized by future elected officials and the public. An active, compliant county historic preservation commission is the officially recognized way to provide continuing support for enforcement of the county resolution.
The Bloomfield Historic Preservation Commission is active. A reactivated Davis County Historic Preservation Commission will show solidarity between Bloomfield and the county in supporting historic preservation of the courthouse, town square and all historic sites throughout the county. It will assist all interested parties’ efforts to raise significant funds from the not-for-profit grant community.

The requirements are not onerous or expensive. Grants can be applied to help support the cost.

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The Davis County Courthouse Preservation Fund is a 501(c)3 organization legally recognized by the IRS, and will be happy to provide necessary information to anyone who wishes to qualify for matching funds from their company. Please contact Linda Boatman at 312-848-4662, or desdir@aol.com, for further information and to answer any questions.